Changsha, Hunan, China


01 Industrial Advantages

Hunan Province is renowned for its thriving innovation and robust industrial foundation. As a traditional agricultural powerhouse, Hunan province boasts a strong food industry, which stands as the second-largest industry in the entire province. In 2022, the total economic output of the province exceeded 2.5 trillion CNY, ranking it 5th nationwide. With a growth rate of 4.4%, surpassing the national average by 1.4 percentage points, Changsha serves as the forefront of Hunan's economic development. The province's culinary sector, particularly the Hunan cuisine industry, contributes significantly to this growth. In 2022 alone, the Hunan cuisine industry generated over 500 billion CNY in value, with the city of Changsha leading the nation with retail sales of 43.022 billion CNY.

In addition to Hunan cuisine, the pre-made food industry in Hunan has also gained prominence in recent years. With over 100 large-scale pre-made food processing companies and a total revenue exceeding 10 billion CNY, this industry has not only improved food processing efficiency but also provided the catering industry with more options and convenience. The popularity of pre-made food meets the demand for convenient food in fast-paced lifestyles and elevates the overall development of the food processing industry.

Hunan Province is renowned worldwide for its unique agricultural products such as chili peppers, tea leaves, and lotus seeds. The diverse range of specialty cuisine in Hunan attracts the taste buds of consumers. Therefore, selecting Changsha as the host city for FBAF ASIA provides an excellent platform for exhibitors and visitors to showcase and exchange a wide array of specialty food.

02 Excellent Transportation Infrastructure

Hunan enjoys exceptional transportation advantages as a strategic location connecting the coastal and inland regions of China. It boasts the highest mileage of high-speed rail in the country, with the convergence of major lines such as Beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, Shijiazhuang-Changsha, and Guiyang-Changsha. These high-speed rail connections provide direct access to 25 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities across the country. Furthermore, Hunan is well-served by air transport, with seven civil aviation airports across the province. Notably, Changsha Huanghua International Airport has entered the era of "dual-terminal, dual-runway operations" and consistently ranks as the top airport in the central region in terms of passenger throughput. The well-developed aviation infrastructure, including the expanding "four-hour aviation economic circle," ensures convenient and efficient travel for exhibitors and visitors attending the Food Expo.

Hunan's strategic location and transportation networks provide excellent connectivity and logistics options. The province is well-connected to the global market through the operation of the China-Europe Railway Express, which can reach 180 cities in 23 countries. In addition, the province benefits from a well-developed inland river transportation system, with the Yueyang Chenglingji Port serving as a first-class national port, allowing seamless access to rivers and seas.






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